Project title: ACTrain (Accessible web-based and interactive video-supported skills transfer)

Programme: LLPLeonardo da Vinci, Multilateral projects for Development of Innovation

Co-financer of the project: EACEA

Content of the project:

Experts from Slovenia, Greece, Italy, and Austria have been developing a web-based and interactive video-supported skills transfer in ceramic design, accessible for all, but specially adapted for deaf and hard of hearing, blind and partially-sighted people.

By taking into consideration the needs of the above-listed target groups, we have been trying hard to develop a completely innovative form of education and pilot training of high-qualty, including learning by participants to use computers, the internet, web applications, Information and Communication Technology etc.

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Website of the project

Project partners:

Duration of the project: 2010 – 2013

Video about pilot training in Slovene

 Video about pilot training in English

 Video about pilot training in Greek

 Video about pilot training in Italian

 Video about pilot training in German