Title of the project: ENABLE – Enhancing Employability Skills of Persons with Disabilities

Funding program: Erasmus +. KA204, Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices, Strategic Partnership for adult education


ENABLE project supports the introduction, implementation and promotion of innovative and qualitative elements in non-formal education and disability work bringing together the target group of people with mental disabilities with the field of employment and labour market in partner countries (Belgium, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Spain) that are severely struck by unemployment rates, which become even higher if we take into consideration people affected by disabilities in general.
The ENABLE project foresees a set of activities directly targeting mentally disabled people (25-40 years old) with the aims of:

  • Raising their awareness on the situations of misinformation which may have negative repercussions in their active life, often leading to difficulties and/or incapacity to look and find a job.
  • Empowering them in order to fully exploit their skills and abilities for enjoying a productive life and possibly to increase their social and economic autonomy, thus giving tools to react to inactivity,
    unemployment, lack of active participation and citizenship.
    ENABLE lies on the assumption that the inclusion of disabled people and the fight against negative stereotypes is strictly connected with the activation of the target group and their increased role in
    society. In fact, the project will mainly focus on how to fully express the gifts of a person with mental disability to live a free and autonomous life, and share the lessons learned with their communities in order to prevent and reduce prejudices.
    The project will produce the following results:
  1. 5 context sheets and 5 review reports (1 per following country: Belgium, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Spain), based on the analysis of at least 50 interviews (10 per country), 5 focus groups with at least
    50 people (1 wit at least 10 people per country), and 250 answers to the online survey (50 answers per country).
  2. A Capacity Building program involving at least 65 people affected by mental disabilities (15 in Belgium, Italy, Spain and 10 in Romania and Slovenia) as trainees. The program will deliver at least
    18 workshops of 4 hours per country, for a total of 72 hours of training per country. Sessions will be based on a wide range of methods (such as: Forum theater, Reversed Approach, Person-Centered Planning), so to allow full interaction and both ways communication between trainers and trainees.
  3. Production of at least 40 personal branding videos and video curricula (8 per country on average).
  4. Launch of one pan-European awareness campaign through social media and offline activities reaching at least 5.000 people (average of 1.000 people per country, counting all likes/views of all
    posts through all social networks) promoting branding videos and video curricula.
  5. Organisation of at least 5 job days involving 150 people (1 per country with at least 30 participants).
  6. Production of one toolkit to be viewed/downloaded by at least 1.000 people, summing up the most important outputs and activities of the capacity building program.
  7. Organisation of at least 10 seminars with a total amount of at least 100 participants (2 per country, each of them attended by at least 10 people).
  8. Organisation of one International Exchange in Brussels bringing together at least 15 participants from five EU countries facilitating mobility of people with disabilities.
  9. Release of one Review on European Disability Strategy 2010-2020 (available both in English and in all partners’ languages) with the perception and opinions of people with disabilities, activists and
    experts on EU disability policy.
  10. Organisation of one final international conference in Brussels bringing together at least 50 participants.

Duration: 1/11/2019-31/10/2021

Website: https://www.enable-project.org/

Partner organisations:

Ateliers indigo du Plateau96


BES Cooperativa Sociale

OZARA storitveno in invalidsko podjetje d.o.o.