OZARA, the Institute for Training and Employment of Vulnerable Groups, Maribor performs research and development activities in the field of social sciences and humanities.

What are we doing?
We are effectively addressing the challenges of modern times, thus creating new guidelines in the field of training and employment, creating new work programs and jobs that are adapted for work, inclusion and employment of people with disabilities. Our aim is to improve the situation of vulnerable groups and people with disabilities in the labor market, reduce their social exclusion, passivity, and at the same time increase their active role and employability in the labor market. Innovative approaches and customized methods allow selected vulnerable groups a new opportunity to integrate into work and the wider social environment.


Work in the general interest means performing work for the benefit of the local community, humanitarian organizations and other organizations that perform non-profit work. It is an alternative to a remand prison, a prison, as an option in a settlement process or a deferred prosecution process.

OZARA ZAVOD, as an implementing organization for more than 2 years, successfully involves individuals who perform work in the general interest in their own services and production activities in three locations: in Maribor, Murska Sobota and Slovenj Gradec, while successfully cooperating with the competent Centers for Social Work .


Volunteering can be performed by women and men, young people, middle-aged people and elderly people, which can include all people taking into account their capacities, as there are no principled restrictions on it. Volunteering is of great importance for the community, because it improves the quality of life in society, defends the interests of individuals and groups that are endangered, deprived, marginalized and excluded. It is also one of the basic channels of civil society’s response to the needs in it and creates the potential for the active participation of citizens in society. Volunteering is either an independent or additional activity and added value to the functioning of services and institutions.

In the OZARA Maribor you have the opportunity to perform volunteer work in the organization of working, psychosocial, creative and leisure activities with adults who have mental health problems and help with the implementation of these activities, in organizing group work, in monitoring and helping people with problems in mental health, organization of workshops and many other activities.


OZARA ZAVOD Maribor has been successfully selected as a provider of public works several times by the ZRZS in various regional services. Public works enable people in employment and higher social security, new skills and work experience that increase job opportunities and involvement in the working environment and the spread of the social network. They are targeted at vulnerable groups that are registered among the unemployed and correspond to the target groups for inclusion in the programs.


Educational programs are aimed at the general public with an emphasis on rehabilitation, employment and disability care
We present you a complete range of educational programs that we perform on request and, in agreement with you, we adapt to the specific needs of your company / organization. We prepare education for socially responsible companies that want to improve the efficiency of their employees, disability companies, employment centers and companies and organizations in the field of social welfare services.

We offer proven and effective educational content in the following areas:

• Motivation and job satisfaction
• Dynamics of group work and leadership
• Addressing conflicts at the workplace
• Communication in the work environment

• Ergonomy of jobs
• Risk assessment for people with disabilities
• The suitability of the workplace, work equipment, organization of work
• Examples of good practices

• What is stress and how to master it
• Combustion at work
• Meaning of rest after work


Place and time of implementation:
All the presented educational programs can be adjusted in terms of content and time and prepared according to the client’s needs, which ensures high efficiency and consistency with the specific needs of the client or the client. participants.
Programs are performed at our site or at the location of the client.

The training is carried out by qualified professionals from OZARA d.o.o. and OZARA ZC doo, with many years of experience in working with people with disabilities, especially with people with mental health problems. We demonstrate our experience with numerous lectures in the field of employment rehabilitation, social inclusion, employment, disability protection, implementation of international and national projects.

Registration fee and payment:
The registration fee for participation in education amounts to 60,00 € per person (VAT is not charged, we are not liable for VAT).
It includes materials, drinks and snacks during breaks or travel expenses in the case of the implementation of educational programs at an external location.

Additional information, organization and registration:
Koroška cesta 6
2000 Maribor


What is psychotherapy?
• a process designed for individuals and couples who are confronted with various life problems and psychological distress and who wish to work on personal growth and development,
• helping to cope with various problems, such as inadequate self-image, individual mental disorders, burnout, emotional vulnerability, incompetence, loss of a lot, loss of motivation, goals, sense, life-threatening changes …,
• Helps individuals to better understand themselves, come into contact with their needs and understand the causes of problems, discover unconscious content and patterns that have led to the emergence of various problems,
• The therapeutic relationship includes confidentiality, warmth, alertness, empathy and unconditional acceptance.

What is the price of our services?
Introductory talk 20 €
Further hours of psychotherapy 30 €
Unemployed, students, pensioners 20 €


What is psychological counseling?
• a process aimed at addressing the psychological problems of an individual through psychological methods,
• performed by an experienced psychologist,
• the purpose is to improve the individual’s experience, behavior and general functioning in life, and through this, improve the quality of life,
• improving the psychological state of the individual consequently also has a positive effect on the quality of life and interpersonal relationships,
• Useful for problems accompanied by moderate emotional distress.

What is the price of our services?
Introductory talk 20 €
Further hours of psychological counseling 30 €
Unemployed, students, pensioners 20 €


How do i get in touch or subscribe ?

Contact person:
Karmen Kočivnik
E: karmen.kocivnik@ozara.si
T: 02/ 2380 676
M: 051 697 124
F: 02/ 2380 677