Employment and Vocational Rehabilitation Programme encompasses those services carried out with the aim of:

  • training persons with disabilities for appropriate work,
  • gaining an officially-accepted educational or vocational qualification,
  • employment of persons with disabilities,
  • retaining employment and progressing within it
  • or changing careers.

The Employment and Vocational Rehabilitation Programme carried out within the framework of OZARA d.o.o. is dedicated towards unemployed persons with disabilities, and difficult-to-employ persons having limitations and barriers regarding employment opportunities. This can be due to illness, injury or functional limitations. These people cannot be included within any other Active Employment Policy Programmes or be employed under normal conditions, which is why they need an adapted work-place, work environment, and guidance.

The Employment and Vocational Rehabilitation Programme is defined by the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disability Act as well as Employment and Vocational Rehabilitation Standards with which we implement the professional principles, define the Employment and Vocational Rehabilitation Process, its content, work methods, expected results, as well as the fundamental professional and organisational conditions within which the services are carried out.

As a team within the framework of the Employment and Vocational Rehabilitation Process, we have been implementing the elements of professional, interdisciplinary, holistic, and individually-oriented treatment whilst, at the same time, respecting the ethical standards, measures, and integrities of each individual.

Professional team

Employment and Vocational Rehabilitation Services are managed, performed, and evaluated by a professional team consisting of four permanently employed experts together with external experts.

We also successfully market our knowledge and experience in cooperation with employers, ZPIZ and other interested parties in the form of the implementation of professional / employment rehabilitation services, counseling, education, integration into project work, working groups and other programs and activities within the company . For the purpose of applying the subsidy for salaries for the disabled worker in the Public Scholarship, Development, Disability and Maintenance Fund of the Republic of Slovenia, we are preparing an Assessment of the achievement of the work results of disabled employees. For the purposes of implementing professional rehabilitation, we are preparing for the ZPIZ an “Opinion on the level of work skills, knowledge, work habits and professional interests”. We also work with adaptation of the workplace and working environment for the disabled.


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