OZARA d.o.o. Service and Disability Company is a company with a special legal status. The basic requirements as to what are the necessary key abilities are derived from its business strategy, which is the reason why it is essential to combine this strategy with a strategy for Human Resources Management.

The Human Resources Management Service has, according to the requirements and tendencies of the modern world, the role of a strategic partner within the company. It manages changes, represents employees, and acts as a functional expert.

In this sense the role of the service is the planning and performing of organisational matters, preparing proposals for internal work organisation, the systemisation of work-places, providing information for employees, planning, recruiting of employees, managing employment relationships, planning and organising the professional education and training of employees, the development of the employees, human resources analyses and reports, managing the emloyees’ records, managing the professional library, and other tasks according to the provisions within this field.

When employing persons with disabilities or even before they are employed the company, as an employer, has to respect the ILO code Managing disability in the workplace in such a way that enables equal opportunities for all persons with disabilities, their employment, and securing their work-places.