OZARA d.o.o. is one of the providers of the Social Inclusion Programme normally selected after public tender issued by the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs. On the basis of a successful tender we were selected for providing the Social Inclusion Programme during the years from 2006 until 2024 for now.

The Social Inclusion Programme, being carried out by units in Maribor, Murska Sobota, and Slovenj Gradec is a social programme dedicated to supporting persons with disabilities, as well as developing and maintaining their work abilities.

This programme has a very important impact on the life-qualities of unemployable people. If they are included within the programme they have an opportunity to change all aspects of their lives. As part of the work activation, they are able to develop a positive self-image and gain self-respect, strengthen their work habits, and regain the feeling of being useful within their societies. For most of the people who become part of this programme the greatest benefit is their own inclusion within a social environment in which they are able to develop and improve their social skills, widen their social network and strengthen the feeling of being part of a group, build new friendships, learn how to cooperate and communicate, accept and appreciate diversity, develop tolerance, fullfil their potentials that could never be fullfilled or expressed by staying and being isolated at home.

Who can become part of the Social Inclusion Programme?

  • Persons who have been officially designated as being unemployable according to article 35 of the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disability Act issued by the Employment Service of Slovenia;
  • Persons with disabilities having status within the framework of category I as granted by the provision of the Pension and Disability Insurance Institute without any rights to an invalidity pension, according to the law defining pension and invalidity insurance;
  • Persons with mental and physical disabilities who have no other opportunity for inclusion by social security services.

Goals of the programme:

  • labor and social integration and the prevention of social exclusion,
  • development of individual’s work potentials and long-term possibility of re-examining the assessment of employability,
  • preserving, maintaining and developing work skills, habits and skills,
  • acquiring and maintaining working condition, working endurance and load capacity,
  • gaining attention, concentration and precision at work,
  • maintaining, developing and disseminating the social (support) network,
  • developing greater competence in crisis and conflict situations,
  • empowering an individual in all areas of life,
  • development and raising social competence, communicativeness and control of stressful, stress factors,
  • the development of personality adaptability, personal growth,
  • development / strengthening of autonomy, self-initiative and greater activity in changing their own life situation,
  • promotion of a healthy lifestyle among users, focusing on healthy eating, movement and strengthening of psychosocial well-being.

Activities within the framework of the programme

Within the framework of the social inclusion program, participants can engage in various work, social and lifelong activities, in accordance with wishes, interests and preserved abilities.

Some of the options available to users:

  • various work activities within the service and production activities of the company, or in cooperation with business partners,
  • engaging in creative workshops, teaching manual skills and learning different creative techniques,
  • integration into self-help groups,
  • training social skills and skills,
  • implementation of individual assistance, crisis intervention and support services for users and their relatives,
  • mediation in institutions, elements of advocacy,
  • promoting a healthy lifestyle (lectures, gymnastics, sports days, cooking courses),
  • socializing (excursions, picnics, New Year’s party),
  • improving computer and functional literacy, learning foreign languages.


Maribor 02 23 80 675
Murska Sobota 02 52 14 456
Slovenj Gradec 02 88 58 870