Cleaning services are provided for business premises, public institutions and institutes, apartments, block of flats. General and specialised cleaning services are provided for buses, jutting-out-roofs, bankomats, information points, graphites, frontages, illuminated bill-boards and inscriptions, high-altitude cleaning of windows etc.


Carpentry services are oriented towards manufacturing products made to order (furniture for business premises and apartments, building furniture etc.), the production of urban equipment (benches, desks, fences, partitions, baskets etc.), general carpentry works (laying parquet and laminated floors, building wooden partitions, laying panelling etc.)

Sewing Activities

Sewing activities are oriented towards the production of textile fancy goods (han-made textile products such as patchworks, curtains, tablecloths, bedclothes, soft toys etc.), the production of protective clothes (work clothes, overalls, sleeveless pullovers, protective head-gear etc.), the production of products made-to-order for known customers (money bags, mortarboards, decorative additions for dancing, neckties), the production of individual parts for walking shoes, mountain boots etc.


Our maintenance package includes paintwork, creation of frontages and facades, including special painting techniques and treatments of surfaces, small construction interventions such as repairing fences, laying paving stones, production of partition walls made from MK panels according to the Knauf or Rigips systems, renovation of attics and lofts etc.

Our maintenace also includes green-area maintenance especially plans for laying out gardens, together with the counselling, laying out and regular maintenance, small excavations and diggings, planning etc.

Various Production and Assembly Activites

Within the framework of these activities the composing, packing, and production of products or semi-manufactured products is done that need further handling, remodelling, reconstructing, composing, being finished or delivered to a known customer.