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As part of our professional services, we implement various programs and services aimed at training, employment and inclusion of people with disabilities, helping with empowerment, social integration and a better quality of life for vulnerable groups.

We can boast of many years of experience in the field of training and employment of people with disabilities, qualified and experienced staff, proactive work, in cooperation with people with disabilities and employers, involvement in the local environment, knowledge of labor market laws, development orientation. EQUASS quality standards) and international operations.

All services are performed by an expert team in an interdisciplinary composition. In our work we continuously follow professional development.


Through many years of company practice, we have developed a wide range of service and production programs that provide continuous employment to vulnerable groups. Our staff is professionally trained, which ensures professional and quality work.

Employment Rehabilitation

We provide employment rehabilitation services for the regional services of the ESS Maribor and Murska Sobota in the scope of 1 professional team.

Employment rehabilitation is a set of activities aimed at training a disabled person to perform certain jobs, acquiring a profession or a publicly valid education, employing a disabled person, maintaining employment and advancing in employment or changing professional careers.

The occupational rehabilitation programs we carry out are intended for the unemployed and disabled, as well as for the hard-to-employ unemployed with employment restrictions resulting from illness, disability or functional limitations.

We provide vocational rehabilitation in accordance with the Employment Rehabilitation and Employment of Disabled Persons Act and the Standards of Vocational Rehabilitation Services.

Carpentry and drywall work

The carpentry activity is mainly focused on the production of custom products (especially furniture for business and residential buildings, joinery and urban equipment such as benches, fences, partitions, baskets, etc.), but we also perform all other general carpentry work such as laying laminates and parquets, installation of partition wooden walls, laying wall formwork, etc.


We are also experts in rearranging shops, assembling equipment, items, furniture equipment, shelves.

Services for employers

For the purposes of claiming a salary subsidy for an employee with a disability at the Public Scholarship, Development, Disability and Maintenance Fund of the Republic of Slovenia, we are preparing an Assessment of the achievement of work results of employees with disabilities.

We also provide workplace and work environment adaptation services for the disabled.


The activity of the sewing workshop is focused on the production of textile accessories, namely handmade textile products (patches, curtains, tablecloths, bedding, toys, etc.), protective equipment (work clothes, vests, protective caps, etc.), custom products for well-known customers (money bags, prom hats, decorative accessories for dances, key collars), and we also cover the segment of making hiking boots.

Vocational Rehabilitation

It is a process in which the insured person is professionally, physically and psychosocially trained for another profession or work, so that he can be appropriately assigned or employed and reintegrated into the work environment, or is trained to perform the same profession or work by the workplace shall be adapted accordingly with appropriate work aids.

For the needs of the implementation of vocational rehabilitation for ZPIZ, we are preparing an Opinion on the level of working abilities, knowledge, work habits and professional interests.

Finishing work and landscaping

The segment of finishing operations includes the assembly, packaging and production of articles and semi-finished products that need to be processed, processed, assembled or completed and delivered to known customers or customers.

As part of the activities of arranging green areas, we offer the preparation of planting plans with professional advice, planting and regular maintenance. We also perform minor earthworks, excavations, leveling, planning, etc.

Psychological counseling

Psychological counseling is intended for all those who need professional psychological help, and we also provide psychotherapeutic help according to the method of transactional analysis. It is intended for individuals and couples who are facing various life problems and mental distress, and for all those who want to work on personal growth and development.

The purpose is to improve the sweeper’s experience, behavior and general functioning in life and thus improve the quality of life, improve the mental state of the individual, which consequently has a positive effect on his quality of life and interpersonal relationships.

On request, we also perform psychological testing for individuals, including testing of cognitive abilities, assessment of behavior, personal functioning and career goals.

Cleaning and maintenance work

The cleaning activity consists of three parts:

– cleaning of business premises, public institutions and institutes
– cleaning of flats and apartment blocks
– general and specialized cleaning, such as cleaning of bus shelters, ATMs, information points, graffiti, facades, light signs and inscriptions, high-altitude cleaning of windows, mechanical cleaning of freezing cells, etc.

Maintenance activities mainly include minor construction and craft work, repair of fences, laying pavers, construction of partition walls from MK panels according to the Knauf or Rigips system, renovation and treatment of attics, attics, etc., small and large electrical work, etc.…



We provide training in the following areas:

• psychosocial factors in the workplace
• workplace adjustment
• trainings for professional (co) workers and mentors
• We also prepare other trainings, workshops and seminars according to your wishes

Who are they for?

• the general public, with an emphasis on rehabilitation, employment and disability care
• socially responsible companies that want to improve the efficiency of their employees
• companies for the disabled, employment centers and companies and organizations in the field of social welfare services
• individuals, with a desire for personal and professional growth and improvement

Painting and facade works

Painting activity includes a comprehensive range of painting and facade works, including the implementation of special techniques for applying paint or. surface finishing.


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