The employment center is a corporate body founded by OZARA d.o.o. with the purpose of employing persons with disabilities within protected work-places. OZARA ZC d.o.o. is an independent organisational unit with business units in Maribor and Murska Sobota. According to the EQUASS standard the employment center is part of the work and production programmes of OZARA d.o.o. , Specialised services.

An Employment Center provides sheltered work places for persons with disabilities who can only fulfill  30 to 70 percent of their work quotas and have been issued with written provisions about sheltered employment by the Employment Service of Slovenia. This means that these persons can only be employed within sheltered work places.

An Employment Center provides adequate rooms, places, and premises that are adequatly equipped and accessible for persons with disabilities in respect to their disabilities.

All employees are guided professionally by a team of mentors.