Name of the project: Be Happy in Life

Funding programme: Erasmus +, Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practises- Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training,  http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/.


It is a source of stress in itself that to have a disabled person in need of nursing or a disabled child with special needs and even to think about undertaking all his/her responsibilities. It means that being such a caregiver as voluntarily and getting under such a burden is to sacrifice on our own lives. No matter how difficult it is, it happens that thanks to love, loyalty and emotional ties.

When one of family members plays a role in as caregiver, he/she has to care with his/her disabled person/child for almost 24 hours. In fact, this situation sometimes leads that family members have to take a break to their working life or to quit their jobs completely. Generally, mothers live often this situation in families with a disabled child in need of nursing (physical or mental). This self-sacrifice is made possible by the strong love ties which we feel towards our dears who is disabled or it is derived from the cultural and economic conditions in which the family is involved. Unfortunately, after a while, these families are exhausted both psychologically and socioeconomically and they are faced with many problems.

Another issue is the lack of private lives of caregiver who has to undertake mostly disabled person’s all responsibilities. Eventually, families who have a disabled person in need of nursing can not keep their private lives and they can not spare the time for oneself. They are doomed to limited life of the disabled person in need of nursing. But every family member and/or every person has to go on his/her own private life, and even this is a necessity and requirement for people.

We can say by generalize that to live with an individual with disabled is an extremely emotional condition and it is a difficult issue to deal with without professional support. Therefore, families with a disabled one should not be left alone with their own complicated feelings and their psychological and social problems. In that case, what kind of professional support should be given to these families? Are the existing consulting services really enough to solve the problems of these families?

The topic in here is that what the special needs of the family members who are play a role in as caregiver can be and how we can help to them professionally for answering these needs. In order that professionals who is working in social and health fields should use, it is necessary to carry out qualified studies addressing the needs of these families.


Period: 1/10/2018-30/10/2020






Partner organisations:

ISM Turkey

OZARA storitveno in invalidsko podjetje d.o.o.

“Values, Virtues, Integrity” Foundation



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