Name of the project: IN SITU – Intergenerational Social Innovation Support Scheme

Project index number : CE1494

Funding programme: Interreg Central Europe – European Union European Regional Development Fund


The economic and financial crisis a decade ago has left behind a very crucial socio-economic and demographic
challenges. Especially the continued increase of unemployment resulting in poverty and social exclusion demands
urgent sustainable solutions. Unqualified younger and older unemployed (50+) women and men are mainly affected.
All partner regions have this ‘new’ disadvantaged group – long-term unemployed.
Social innovation can provide answers, but there is a lack of expertise and specialized business development services
and support in the public and private sectors. And there is a lack of funding. The objective therefore is to jointly
develop and implement a tailored business development service and support scheme to promote the integration of
the disadvantaged groups into the labor market through social innovations and new social enterprises. The
enterprises will be the result of specially developed trainings.
The scheme will have at its core regional triangles of key players coming from expert support, care and third sector
organizations, social innovation and entrepreneurship experts and public / private funding initiatives. The reg. triangles
will form an overarching joint triangle enabling a transnational approach to tackling intergenerational unemployment
and social exclusion.
To reach the project’s goal, reg. pilot actions to test and validate the support scheme and the strategy behind it
will be implemented. This will lead to sustainable schemes in the six PP regions.
The project will bring together younger and older (50+) unemployed citizens so that these two generations can
learn from each other by exchanging experiences, bridging missing skills and competences. Also the key players in the
reg. triangles will learn from each other and a dynamic capacity building process will take place throughout
project at different levels. IN SITU will be in every respect a learning project.

Period: from 01/04/2019 until 31/03/2022



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/insituinterreg/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/InterregINSITU

LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/in-situ-interreg/







  • Stadtschulrat für Wien – Vienna Board of Education (Avstrija)
  • Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (Avstrija)
  • Regione del Veneto – Direzione Lavoro (Italija)
  • ENAIP Veneto Impresa Sociale (Italija)
  • Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH (Nemčija)
  • Hochschule der Medien (Nemčija)
  • Grad Rijeka (Hrvaška)
  • STEP RI znanstveno-tehnologijski park Sveučilišta u Rijeci d.o.o. (Hrvaška)
  • Województw o Śląskie (Poljska)
  • Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu w Dąbrowie Górniczej (Poljska)
  • Fundacija za izboljšanje zaposlitvenih možnosti PRIZMA, ustanova (Slovenija)
  • OZARA storitveno in invalidsko podjetje d.o.o. (Slovenija)

This project is implemented through the INTERREG CENTRAL EUROPE programme co-financed by the ERDF.