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OZARA d.o.o. and OZARA ZC d.o.o. are companies dedicated to the training, employment, and social inclusion of persons with disabilities, including Employment and Vocational Rehabilitation Programmes, Social Inclusion Programmes, Project Management, and different Specialised Services.

Service and Disability Company

OZARA d.o.o. Service and Disability Company is a disability company dedicated to the training, employment, and the social inclusion of unemployed persons with disabilities, together with difficult-to-employ persons having limitations and barriers regarding employment opportunities. This can be due to illness, injury or functional limitations.

Ozara Employment center

The employment center is a corporate body founded by OZARA d.o.o. with the purpose of employing persons with disabilities within protected work-places. OZARA ZC d.o.o. is an independent organisational unit with business units in Maribor and Murska Sobota. According to the EQUASS standard the employment center is part of the work and production programmes of OZARA d.o.o.: Cleaning services, Carpentry, Sewing activities, andVarious Production and Assembly Activities.

Ozara zavod Maribor

OZARA, the Institute for Training and Employment of Vulnerable Groups, Maribor performs research and development activities in the field of social sciences and humanities.



Vizija invalidskega podjetja OZARA d.o.o. je ostati uspešen gospodarski subjekt, ki se ob delu z ranljivimi skupinami, zaposlovanju invalidov, ob pomoči znanja in zagotavljanju kakovosti, učinkovito spoprijema z izzivi sodobnega časa in tako ustvarja nove smernice na področju usposabljanja, zaposlovanja ter oblikovanja novih delovnih programov in delovnih mest s prilagoditvijo za delo, vključitev ter zaposlitev invalidov.

The vision of OZARA d.o.o. is to remain a successful econimic entity by continuing our work with vulnerable groups, employing persons with disabilities, imparting and learning new knowledge and providing quality assurance. In this way we are able to succesfully face the challenges of modern times and thus introduce new guidelines in the fields of training, employment, and the development of new work programmes and workplaces specially adpated for the work, integration and employment of persons with disabilities.