Project title: D.A.E.L. (Disabled Adults in Experiental Learning)

Programme: LLPGrundtvig learning partnership

Co-financer of the project: CMEPIUS

Content of the project:

Within the framework of the project D.A.E.L. as partners we dedicated our time to the following fields:

  • exchange and comparisons between different methods, systems, tools and innovative approaches within the fields of training, employing, and socially including persons with disabilities
  • observations, mentoring, assessment and evaluation of key competences regarding persons with disabilities, and comparisons and evaluations of the tools used by the partners for evaluations within the frameworks of different integration systems
  • acknowledgement of formal and informal education, by taking into consideration the different needs of persons with disabilities
  • acknowledgements of competences with the purpose of labour market integration and employment
  • comparison of evaluation mechanisms within different European frameworks, and their integration with the existing systems of all partners

Project partners:

Duration of the project: 2009 – 2011