Project Title : DISENEX – Disability Enterpreneurship Expert

Programme/financer: Erasmus +, KA204 – Strategic Partnerships for adult education


Fostering entrepreneurship and inclusive societies as one of the top EU policy priorities followed by the DISENEX project idea, which aims to promote the empowerment of PWD
through entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education. Understood as self-empowerment, the concept pursues the goal of increasing autonomy and self-confidence of vulnerable
groups. It also aims at the identification and further development of one’s own strengths and competencies. The core of the project is considered to be innovative through integration of
the existing tools and programs that have already proven their reliability and efficiency with easily perceptual visual products widely used in the entertainment sector, but increasingly
also in education.
Pursuing the idea of building a sustainable strategic alliance for adult education with the current aim of filling the gap by enhancing social entrepreneurship activities among PWD, the
project consortium is determined to achieve the following key objectives:
– To increase the self-employment and (social) entrepreneurship rates among PWD
– To pool knowledge of trainers, adult educators, startup support services and economic development authorities to understand and manage the potential of PWD within the social
economy sector (both nationally and EU-wide)
-to create a single-window system that helps PWD to discover, elaborate and implement the entrepreneurial opportunity
-make decision makers be aware of the problems encountered by the disabled people, learn about their economic and creative potential, adjust the existing and respectively develop
new strategies and policies for empowering PWD for entrepreneurship.
The consortium aims at creation of the innovative, relevant and handy instrument to provide the most crucial elements for persons with disabilities to consider and implement the
pathway of becoming (social) entrepreneurs.
The following main outputs are planned to be delivered and following results be reached:

The production of the motivational learning documentary mini-series constitutes the major outcome of the DISENEX project.
The output composes a single media product leveraging the opportunities created by relative cost-efficiency of the digital video production and the power of the messages received
from the peers – people with disabilities who have managed to get loose from the predestined ties of discrimination. limited self-realization opportunities and/or protective social
Through popularisation of the YouTube format storytelling in the last two decades, short videos have become one of the most accepted and accessible forms of delivery of news,
information, knowledge, ideas and even certain practical skills. Therefore it was a conscious choice of the project consortium to instrumentalize this media for the sake of fostering
social entrepreneurship among people with disabilities. Another notable cultural phenomena of the last years is the mass shift of the professional film industry to the production of
television series. The idea of the consortium is to try an innovative approach of reaching the goals of an Erasmus+ adult education project with the unconventional combination of
popular entertainment with the educational motivational strategies.
2. The primary educational output is set to be the integrated DISENEX learning course. Prior to the application drafting the partnership has already checked around 20 previously
implemented Erasmus+ projects, other publicly funded and open licensed e-learning, audiovisual, education & training resources on entrepreneurship in general, inclusive and social
entrepreneurship. Therefore instead of developing a new one from scratch, the consortium will analyze, select and adapt the existing ones in order to spare resources. Nevertheless,
the work will be not limited to just copying and compilation. The main focus is devoted to systemic integration and structural adjustment. The methodological concept is based on
EntreComp (The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework.
3. DISENEX Portal, an all-in-one platform consisting of:
Online Educational resource
Database created through intensive data collection, systematisation and integration that will comprise the national legal frameworks regulating the business activities, links, documents,
forms etc., each country’s specific requirements for setting up a social business, public and independent institutions providing consultancy, technical support, funding, network
platforms, start-up services etc.
Disability Entrepreneurship Expert Protocol that provides guidelines for establishing own business,
Startup and Networking Desk, enabling building networks and communication to the start-up community and business advisers. This desk will be crucial for filling in the gap between
legislative regulations and execution processes in each country.

Duration: 1/10/2020-30/11/2022

Website: https://www.disenex.eu/


Internationale Akademie für Management und Technologie (INTAMT) e.V. – Germany

FONIX AS – Norway




Internationale Agentur für Marketing und Technologietransfer (INTAMT) GmbH  – Germany