Project title: Migrant Mentorship Model – MMM

Website: http://www.mmm-migrants.eu/ 

Funding Programme: Erasmus +, Innovation Cooperation and Good Practice Sharing – Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education

Description: The project aims to address the challenges of transferring / learning basic skills to migrants – covering language support issues, cultural and social aspects. Challenges relate to effective knowledge transfer approaches (adult education). The arrival of migrants to the European Union is opening new challenges for adult education providers, researchers and policy makers, as they are faced with a new category of adult learners – the contemporary educational systems do not sufficiently answer to the existing challenges. In this project, the work of the consortium will be directed towards the preparation of a set of basic skills for the mentioned target group, a curriculum for future migrant mentors, guided reflection and advice for trainers and employers, and performance studies.

Duration: 1/10/2017 – 30/9/2019

Partner organizations:

Andragoški zavod Maribor – Ljudska univerza

Institut für Internationale Bildungs- und Arbeitsmarktprojekte