Project title: AQUA.TS Automatic control quality. tool system

Programme: LLP Centralised projectsLdV MP for the Development of Innovation

Co-financer of the project: EACEA

Content of the project:

The purpose of the AQUA.TS project is the development and testing of quality control systems within education and training through the use of the indicators set out within the Common European Framework EQAVET.

General aims of the project:

1. Designing and testing operational tools for the measuring and controlling of indicators within the framework of EQAVET, exchange of the process with target groups and stakeholders;

2. Testing the instruments within operational training contexts according to collaborative methodologies and “job shadowing” approaches;

3. Developing ‘friendly’ guidelines by paying particular attention to evaluating / promoting / enhancing the attractiions of learning activities.

Operational objectives:

  • Increasing knowledge about experiences and best practices / bad practices in EQARF implementation for tourism activities, selecting national ‘exemplar cases’ involving tourism enterprises, training agencies in ‘participatory research’;
  • Tuning of tools and instruments focused on the crucial issues of EQARF indicators, creating a proper instrument for implementating  qualitative EQARF indicators;
  • Increasing skills and awareness about EQAVET’s impact and benefit on tourism learning activities, developing collaboration and cooperation amongst tourism services’ beneficiaries (namely tourists), enterprises, trainers,  experts, and QA evaluators;
  • Widening transnational collaboration, activating work teams to connect stakeholders for defining shared instruments;
  • Experimenting friendly and usable tools for simplifying the EQAVET / EQARF effective implementation within current monitoring and assessing learning activities and management.

Website of the project: In preparation

Project partners:

Duration of the project: 2013 – 2015