Project title: MPIS (Mobile support and information service for counselling, improvement of social inclusion, and the employability of vulnerable groups)

Programme: OP HRD 2007-2013

Co-financer of the project: ESF and Ministry of Labour, Familiy and Social Affairs

Content of the project

During this project we were trying to offer an opportunity to vulnerable groups for their re-inclusion, improvment of their employability, and to create new work-places.

The project did, with its innovative approach and programme, foster the development and implementation of new forms regarding the integration of vulnerable groups in regard to their labour market access. The project was dedicated to those special target groups that need adaptive training methods, education, motivation, and support when solving their own problems connected with unemployment, and providing equal opportunities within the labour market. In order to provide equal opportunities the partnerhsip set the following goals:

  • establishment of 2 units for mobile support and information service in 2 locations in the North-Eastern part of Slovenia
  • preparation and implementation of a 4-month training programme for persons coming from vulnerable groups, with the purpose of gaining new knowledge and successful employment
  • employment of 6 people from vulnerable groups in 2 units of mobile support and information service in the North-Eastern part of Slovenia, the employment of 1 project coordinator
  • implementation of transnational activities – 2 study visits – with the purpose of good practice exchanges in the fields of employing and sociallly-including  vulnerable groups, with similar organisations abroad, and organising the final conference of the project

The final international conference:

Within the framework of the conference a photo exhibition was planned Sustainable development and how to ‘green’ our workplaces – How can we contribute?


Target groups of the project: persons with disabilities and other functionally-impaired people, young people, especially first job-seekers, people over 50, women, long-term unemployed, and ethnic groups

Project partners:

Associated partners:

Duration of the project: 2011 – 2013